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  • Siegestor Munich - Faust Festival

    Munich is dominted by Goethes famous drama for five months in 2018
    on this occasion we are pleased to invite you
    as the official partner of the Faust Festival in cooperation with
    the Friedmann-Hahn Gallery in Berlin for two openings of
    Mia Florentine Weiss as an artist:
    Siegestor Munich Unveiling
    of the famous sculpture LOVE HATE
    as contrary art installation in public space
    Opening: Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers,
    Cultural Officer of the City of Munich (inquired)
    17.02.2018, 14:00 clock
    At the Siegestor Munich
    as well as
    Opening of the solo exhibition
    Hubert Burda Media
    Arabellastrasse 23
    28.02.to 22.04.2018
    Opening 28.2.2018, 19:00 hrs
    Curator: Mon Muellerschoen
    Artist Talk: Dr. Thomas Girst, Head of Cultural Commitment BMW
    etc. until 24.02.2018 at office@mm-artmanagement.de

    Yasha Young, Director of the Urban Nation Museum Berlin:

    "It is important to support artists whose works have such a radiance. Action art that makes people think about what our society needs and where the focus of the new generation of "Artivists" is heading - with actions and via digital media. With Weiss works it is possible to realize the idea of the living museum".

    The Ambigram sculpture LOVE HATE has already found its permanent place in Frankfurt's Senckenberg complex since 2015. After the attacks in Paris, the monument was illuminated in the colours of the French flag, which gave it a far-reaching media presence. The installation in the Main metropolis was supported by Metzler's family of bankers, who are among the artist's patrons. LOVE HATE gained international reputation at the Art Basel Miami 2016 and as the "opening" object of the Context Miami fair. LOVE HATE is represented in worldwide collections. In 2019/20, an installation by the artist in cooperation with the Humboldt Forum / Stiftung Stadtmuseum as a worldwide European project under the title KREUZ WEG - Bekenntnis zu Europa - is planned in Berlin under the direction of Paul Spies, Chief Curator Humboldtforum Berlin and Director Stadtmuseum Berlin.

    For the first time in the history of the state capital of Munich, a double installation of the LOVE HATE sculpture at the historic Siegestor was completed on February 17, 18, accompanying the Faust Festival 2018. LOVE HATE not only stands for the multi-layered ambivalence of these most human of all feelings in Goethe's most famous drama, but also gains new significance in the 100th year of the end of the First World War as a worldwide peace symbol in Germany, transforming hatred in the world into love. The artist Mia Florentine Weiss says: "The victory gate becomes metaphorically the entrance through hell to heaven. Two sculptures are each set up with the LOVE side facing outwards in the extension of the gate, so that the respective back - the hatred - is encircled. It remains inside - the shadow of a terrible past that we have defeated and continue to fight against. It is a game of feelings, a mirror of souls, which brings the dimension of duality or the doubling of the statement LOVE HATE to our attention. The place is thematically confronted with its origin - Faust and Mephisto, LOVE and HATE united with the history of war and peace".

    Dr. Thomas Girst, Head of Cultural Commitment, BMW Group

    "Perhaps there is no better public space in Germany for the sculpture LOVE HATE by Mia Florentine Weiss than the front and back of Friedrich von Gärtner's Munich Siegestore. The limestone portal from the middle of the 19th century was severely damaged in the Second World War and after reconstruction was given a further inscription: "Dedicated to victory, destroyed by war, warning for peace". Passion knows how much love and hatred determine each other. And in the context of the Faust Festival one can quote Goethe, albeit from his elective affinities: "Hatred is partisan, but love is even more so". Weiss' sculpture in the middle of Munich's cityscape, near the Academy of Fine Arts, is an enrichment with a gain in knowledge".

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