• What Women Want (Reichstag, Berlin)
  • Rosslyn
  • NOW / WON (Reichstag, Berlin)

    The 1980 born German concept and performance artist works in different artistic disciplines like installation, sculpture, objet trouvé, graphics and multimedia. Mia Florentine Weiss´s artistic leitmotif „What is your place of protection?“, since 1999, has consistently been influencing her work and the question of female equality worldwide. Derived from her ambigram LOVE / HATE Weiss developed the art installation NOW / WON. This neon sculpture was first erected and illuminated on the occasion of women´s magazine EMOTION and their representative survey #whatwomenwant (#wasfrauenfordern) in October 2017 in front of the Berlin Reichstag before it got transported on an open truck to the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR CONTEMPORARY ART. From now on, "NOW" can be visited in the URBAN NATION headquarter to draw attention to women´s rights in Germany and worldwide.

  • NOW WON Berlin Reichstag 2017