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  • MISA x LOVE HATE @ König Galerie

    MISA is an art market in the KÖNIG GALERIE in Berlin that presents works from the primary and secondary market.

    The selected works, which cover 70 years of art history, will be arranged in 13 booths according to movements, artist groups, style, zeitgeist and mood, contrasted with one another. These include booths on such topics as Junge Wilde and City-Country-River, Pop Art and Color, Post War and Post Internet, East German Art and African Art, Photography, and NFTs.

    One artwork belongs to all: LOVE HATE. The artistic answer to the division of society's state of play.

    "LOVE HATE is everywhere! There is a battle of extremes on both sides - for or against:
    It seems like all we can do is love or hate - make or leave - blaspheme or praise - kiss or rave - dance or stand still - be there or go - follow or lead - judgment or mercy - shame or fame?
    From the image to the message to the movement, from the artwork to the social sculpture for all people:
    LOVE HATE reflects the brokenness but also the hope in the 21st century!"
    - MFW

    Studio MFW would like to invite collectors for a personal tour of the exhibition on Saturday 14th August between 3 - 6 PM. The artist will be present.

    To register your interest, please send a mail to studiomanagement@arttrust.org.

    Tour 14 AUGUST 3-6 PM

    Exhibition duration 10-22 AUGUST

    ⏰ TUE - SUN 12-6 PM | WED 12-8 PM | CLOSED ON MONDAYS