• What Women Want (Reichstag, Berlin)
  • Rosslyn
  • LOVE HATE @ The Nantucket Project


    The sculptural ambigram ​LOVE HATE​ is focused on overcoming borders with art. Following the successful LOVE HATE Europe Tour which spanned over a decade, we were officially invited by the German Embassy in Washington DC to bring LOVE HATE to the United States of America. In September 2021 LOVE HATE will make its very first transatlantic alliance between Europe and the USA to attend the most exquisite cultural festival Stateside: The Nantucket Project.
    TNP is a wing of the infamous SXSW: South by Southwest festival that takes place annually, and is an event like no other. It is extremely exclusive and high level, for influential public figures across the world of culture to exchange ideas and share views. This year's festival will take place between the 23rd - 26th September on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, and will be opened by special guest speaker Michelle Obama. The theme of TNP 2021 is Love. One of the festival’s main aims is to enhance the American understanding of the EU, its policies and the position of artists in modern European and world society as open leaders. Artist Mia Florentine Weiss has been chosen by the Administrative Order/EU@The Nantucket Project as the EU Representative, and will be travelling to Nantucket with a double installation of her LOVE HATE sculptures for the event as a guest of honour.