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  • LOVE HATE sculpture in brussels

    Unveiling of the LOVE HATE sculpture in at the European Parliament in Brussels during the German council EU presidency.
    Partners: European Parliament CULT, Committee on Culture and Education Brussels, Senate Chancellery Berlin and Berlin Partner, the Foreign Office Berlin.

    During the pandemic, public events are only being held to a limited extent. Cultural life as a whole is down. Opinions are being heard only on talk shows and podcasts, or on camera. However, to use the words of the chancellor, lived democracy means "orgies of discussion".
    In the beginning, there was the word and this must be heard, seen and lived! Summer 2020 should not only go down in history as a crisis. We must send a positive signal. The skies over Europe must radiate courage beyond the borders of the capital.
    We need an image that can become a new movement. We must turn the negative into the positive. We need to know words - we need to remain democratic, loud and militant.
    Acting as an open-air event, an artwork in a public space will invite a change of perspective from July 2020 during the German Council Presidency, with the vision of transforming the omnipresent hatred in the world into love: turn HATE into LOVE!
    The so-called "one-word poem" LOVE HATE by the Berlin artist MFW is an ambigram which reads LOVE on the one side, and HATE on the other. A deceptively simple manifesto, which fits the current zeitgeist. Since it has been stationed in Germany and abroad - including France, the Czech Republic, Poland and Moscow - the work of art has attracted the attention of over a hundred thousand people, particularly during last year's European elections at its unique location at the Brandenburg Gate, where protests for cultural diversity and democracy took place. A political, artistic and social intervention. Interactive - without borders - for everyone!
    In Brussels, another double installation was set up directly on the esplanade in front of the EU Parliament under the hashtag #fromBrusselswithlove. In doing so, the city lights a beacon for a change of perspective - against hatred, racism and anti-democratic movements.
    The LOVE HATE sculpture will continue to travel from Berlin to Prague on October 3rd with the delegation of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, symbolizing pluralism and a new point of view.

    We are looking forward to a "Summer of LOVE" in and beyond the borders of Europe. Please join us: MAKE LOVE NOT HATE!