• What Women Want (Reichstag, Berlin)
  • Rosslyn
  • LOVE across the USA

    LOVE HATE has embarked on a USA tour, similar to its former European tour. It will travel between cities, connecting each location to the ones before it, creating a chain reaction of LOVE. Starting in the political heart of American, Washington DC, where it is currently installed, it will travel to SxSW in Austin, Texas in March. From there, the possibilities are endless. Potential locations are: German Consulates throughout the nation, Marfa Texas, Burning Man in Black Rock City Nevada, Nantucket Island for TNP Festival, Downtown LA, and the United Nations in New York City, among others.

    LOVE HATE will bring people together to communicate and create because it is through these interactions that positive change can take place within society. Sometimes it takes creating a framework that facilitates conversation to stimulate a change of perspective, or to see something from another’s point of view. LOVE HATE has been a cornerstone for this type of necessary, cross-cultural dialogue, and now is the time for Europe and the USA to begin this exchange.

    Through events, music, performances, demos, speeches, and “art happenings”, the artwork becomes a site at which a reexamination of values takes place, a safe space to nurture the task of turning the omnipresent HATE in this world into LOVE.

    Stay tuned on Instagram @miaflorentineweiss, and watch the artwork’s journey unfold.

    Stations so far:

    Washington DC

    SxSW - South by Southwest, Austin TX